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    So what's involved in volunteering to participate in this work?

    This project is about learning to have powerful orgasms, increased sexual pleasure, and to embrace and own your sexual self in a comfortable and positive way. The work is valuable and beneficial for men of all ages and sexual orientations, regardless of whether they are currently single or partnered, and is equally effective whether you are experiencing your sexual self alone or with a partner.

    Orgasm is healthy, and optimal orgasms are particiularly beneficial...
    In addition to feeling great, sex and orgasm are vital to physical and emotional health.  Beneficial effects of orgasm include increases in brain activity and blood flow across the entire brain, release of hormones that elevate mood and reduce depression, improved immune response, and reduction of risk of heart attack and heart disease in ways we cannot otherwise achieve.

    But about 90% of us aren't experiencing optimal orgasm.
    Of course, there's  no "owners manual" for your sexual self. So most of us are missing out on simple techniques and practices that make the difference between 'good' and 'great' sex.  And since most of us find detailed discussion about sex -- and certainly masturbation --  embarrassing and uncomfortable or even shameful, many of us never find out what we are missing.  We want to change that.

    Creating new ways to educate large numbers of men.
    Until this project, these techniques could only be learned through workshops or one-on-one training that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Based on decades of research and clinical experience, we are developing a series of video, audio, and workbook products to teach techniques that will dramatically improve your sexual pleasure, whether you are alone or with a partner.  We hope not only to improve relationships and enlighten people, but to help shape a national conversation on sexual pleasure that takes it out of the shadows, fostering greater openness and conversation.  

    But each person is different, so to create products that will work for large numbers of men, we must standardize the technique by testing it and seeking comments, criticism, and suggestions from men of varying ages and backgrounds who have experienced the work. That's why we need people like you to participate in learning and evaluating the techniques.

    Here's how it works:
    When you express interest, the first step is to start with a short conversation by phone or email, and arrange your first session at a time convenient to you.  Both day and evening appointments are available, and while Skype sessions are possible, in-person sessions in our offices in the Sacramento, California area are highly preferred. 

    At your first session
    Unless you request otherwise or bring someone else with you, only you and a trained facilitator will be present in the room.  You'll answer a few questions to categorize your experiences and responses. In a safe, comfortable environment, you'll disrobe (with your midsection covered by a towel) and will then be guided by the facilitator, using a series of prerecorded segments, through some focusing, breathing, and relaxation techniques. At the appropriate point during the session, the recorded segments guide you toward sexual arousal, and you'll remove the towel and begin stimulating yourself while deepening your focus and awareness of arousal and sexual energy.  

    At all times, your participation remains under your control, and your comfort and boundaries will be respected.  You will always be treated with the utmost respect, professionalism, discretion, and non-judgment. You are not touched by the facilitator at any time. At the conclusion of the session, you are asked for detailed feedback on how each of the techniques and their presentation worked for you.

    Some participants will experience orgasm in their first session. Others might complete several sessions before reaching orgasm. Both are common outcomes; there's no "right way" to learn this work, and no expectation of any particular outcome. Every session helps you get more in touch with these deeper parts of self, helps us refine how the material is presented, and will eventually help tens of thousands of people like yourself.

    A little awkward, maybe?
    Of course, most people haven't experienced sexual arousal and orgasm in the presence of anyone other than a sexual partner, so most people feel self conscious at first. Yet one of the most frequent comments we get is how little discomfort there actually was once they were engaged in the process. When you sit and think about it, our taboos and discomfort with our sexual selves are entirely a product of what we're taught growing up; there is inherently nothing dirty, wrong, or shameful about sexual experiences, and no reason we should not be able to learn to be the best we can be, with appropriate help and instruction.

    A powerful, potentially life-changing experience.
    The benefits of this work can be considerable. Once past the initial discomfort,  you will learn to reach a new level of openness and freedom, and a deeper connection to your sexual self, both alone and with your partner.  As you become more skilled and self-aware, the intensity of orgasm and sexual pleasure increases dramatically, as does your awareness of, and ability to connect to, your partner. Many people find an awakening to their sexual selves that they never dreamed was possible, and the overwhelming majority of people find themselves becoming more confident and comfortable with themselves through connecting to this part of themselves more deeply.

    How long do sessions take?
    The initial session typically lasts about 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions are usually slightly shorter.  We ask that you commit to four sessions over a period of six to eight weeks.

    Is there any cost?
    Because you are providing feedback on the techniques and helping to refine them, we are waiving the normal session fee of $150 per session.  There is no cost to you.

    What, if anything, is expected of me?
    We ask you to be serious and committed to the work, to be on time to appointments when scheduled, and to act professionally (don't "hit on" or otherwise act unprofessionally with our facilitators or team members, and don't show up under the influence.)  We also recognize this work is quite a stretch of comfort level for most people, so we ask you, early on, if you find yourself nervous or unsure, to trust in yourself and your ability to experience and enjoy the process. Simply trying your best to enter each session without expectations, to let go of worries about "whether you're doing it correctly", and to honestly share with the facilitator any discomfort you're experiencing. We want this to be a great experience for you. 

    At the end of the session, we will ask you for detailed feedback about the process and technique, so that we can improve it for others. We might, at some later point, ask you to provide a testimonial or commentary on the proejct, but that's entirely up to you whether or not you participate.

    If you have any questions...
    We are ready to answer them. Questions help us to better understand people's view of the products and research behind it.


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