• Enhancing Intimacy and Sexual Experiences for Couples

  • The couple whose relationship has few or no problems, is matched emotionally and sexually, and has deep and authentic communication is a couple who has done their work. Unfortunately, those relationships are relatively rare.

    One of the biggest sources of mismatch stems from a lack of understanding of the different communication styles, arousal patterns and issues impacting sexual drive, arousal, and expression. And one of the biggest single sources of arguments, disagreements, frustration, and resentment in relationships is a lack of understanding of differing sex drives... and, related to that, a lack of awareness about differences in sexual arousal patterns. These patterns exist in most relationships, and whether the relationship is between a man and a woman, two men, or two women, and the work is equally powerful for couples of all types. 

    One of the most powerful tools to remedy this is a deep understanding of the self, and that is why IRI places so much focus on working on oneself as a part of deeper connection to our partner. Sexual arousal and experience is (or should be) extremely powerful, and at the same time, for most people, it isn't a very mindful experience. Most of us enter into sexual experiences and essentially let our drives take over. This isn't to say that passion is a bad or unhealthy thing, but when we enter into sexual intimacy with a partner through a lens of mindful awareness and understanding, we enhance our own sexual experience, and we bring a level of understanding, awareness, and intimate connection to our partner. This, in turn, leads to a much more connected, shared, intimate sexual experience that substantially raises the bar for pleasure, satisfaction, and a deep and meaningful level of intimacy.

    The challenge is that it can be difficult to effectively convey the importance of understanding and deepening connection to one's emotional and sexual self individually, first, before working on bettering the partner connection. Wa have found that once an individual has had the opportunity to work on him or herself and deeply connect to his or her own emotional and sexual self, through connectiion, vulnerability, and sexual energy, it becomes substantially easier to understand the emotional intimacy and sexual arousal patterns of one's partner. 

    It is through this lens of self-exploration, awareness, and inward exploration of our sexual selves that our most powerful connection to our partners can occur.

    Therefore, if you are interested in fostering deeper, more intimate and more meaningful sexual experiences with your partner, the first step is in developing your individual self-awareness through the practice of emotional and sexual self-work. You can start this process by exploring the pages for self-work for men and self-work for women, and participating in our research and product development. 

    Those who participate in the individual work will be the first to be offered the opportunity to participate in the work for couples,currently anticipated for early 2017. If you are interested in learning more about this work as it gets closer, you can sign up for our newsletter