• Enhancing Sexual Experiences for Women

  • Women who are seeking better understanding and connection to their sexual selves typically find that there are some things that make it easier for them than for their male counterparts, and some things that make it harder.

    For one thing, the arousal pathways for women are considerably more complex and nuanced than they are for men; studies show that arousal for women is more commonly driven by emotional intimacy and connection, while arousal for men is driven substantially more by visual and physical stimuli.  A significant percentage of women do not regularly experience orgasm either from masturbation or from sex, in part because of the mismatch in arousal pathways between men and women in heterosexual pairings, and in part due to the more complex arousal pathways. 

    Fortunately, many women are, in part due to different conditioning than men, more able to feel comfortable open to asking for help, talking about their experiences, and in fact, there is much more study, research, and practical information available for enhancing women's sexual and emotional intimacy.

    One of IRI's goals for later 2016 and 2017 is to bring together a wide collection of existing resources, information, and materials, which will be combined with IRI's work on men. In that process, we will seek volunteers to evaluate existing tools and materials, to experience the use of those techniques, and to help refine available tools to provide optimum benefits. Sign up here to be contacted when more details are available about volunteer opportunities,