• Enhancing Sexual Experiences for Men

  • One of the biggest challenges to this work is educating men on the benefits and value of the work to them, and to the importance of it.

    Most men are conditioned to be strong, independent, and competent, to not ask for help. And yet, when it comes to understanding of one's sexual self, most men don't receive much in the way of detailed education.

    Since sexual expression is rarely discussed in any detail, and there's shame in any discussion that might indicate a lack of mastery of that skill, many men are simply unwilling to acknowledge or admit that there could be any room for improvement. But the truth is, about 90% of men are experiencing only a fraction of power of sexual experience available to them.

    This work is about changing that dynamic. We are developing products and means of teaching men how to more deeply connect with their sexual selves. In doing so, we hope not only to improve relationships,  enlighten people, and enhance sexual expression, but to help shape a national conversation on sexual pleasure that takes it out of the shadows, fostering greater openness and conversation.  

    But each person is different, so to create products that will work for large numbers of men, we must standardize the technique by testing it and seeking comments, criticism, and suggestions from men of varying ages and backgrounds who have experienced the work.

    That's why we need people like you to participate in learning and evaluating the techniques. Learn more about volunteering to participate, and getting a chance to learn and practice the techniques while doing so.