• About Us

  • The Problem
    It is a sad but true state of affairs that emotional and physical intimacy are so rarely discussed, and most of us are so disconnected from it. Our society has become over sexualized, and we are bombarded by subtle and not-so-subtle messages that dictate how we should look, behave, and experience our sexual and emotional selves.

    How It Affects Us
    Most of us were raised to view sex as something shameful, embarrassing, or “dirty.”  At the very least. most of us learn it is “something we don’t talk about.” If we do discuss it, it’s usually with embarrassment. As a result, many of us simply don’t discuss it. And if someone — even someone trustworthy — happens to bring up the topic of sex life or relationship issues, the first response is often to shut down discussion with something like “Things are perfeclty fine, thank, you”.  And we lose the opportunity to understand and explore ourselves and our relationships at a deeper level, to truly experience our bodies, our emotional and sexual selves, and to have the peak moments of emotional and sexual intimacy that each of us have as a birthright… but very few of us actually have the opportunity to experience and enjoy.

    The Role of Intimacy Research Institute
    At IRI, our goal is to take these discussions out of the shadows, and to provide resources and information for men and women to more fully experience intimacy and sexual experience, both by ourselves and with our partners.  We do this by studying people’s experiences, and creating and refining educational resources, products and materials to help people gain better understanding of themselves, deeper awareness of their sexual selves, and to learn to experience and enjoy their intimate experiences on a deep and powerful level.

    Utilizing existing knowledge and research in the fields of psychology, human sexuality, sexology, and the field of biopsychosocial study, we study, research, and develop new ways to help individuals and couples have deeper, more meaningful interactions, and emotional, physlcal and sexual experiences.  We are a team of  professionals with a diverse, interdisciplinary background that includes body-based disciplines and approaches to psychology, counseling, meditation, and related practices and disciplines, with both clinical and theoretical backgrounds.

    Our approach to this work is to build on existing understanding and knowledge.  In particular, we are currently focused on taking techniques, practices, and approaches that have been around for many years, combining a variety of approaches and methods, and adapting them from techniques that must be taught individually or in small groups to modern delivery methods. This is intended to remove many of the barriers and limitations to access (cost, convenience, physical access) that many people experience, making this essential knowledge available to a much wider audience.