• Enhancing Intimacy, Connection and Communication for Men and Women

    Intimacy Research Institute is focused on improving emotional and sexual communication and intimacy.  We study and develop methods, techniques, products and services to help men and women enjoy richer, more fulfilling sexual experiences, deeper connection to their emotional and sexual selves, and better romantic and sexual connection to their partners.

    This work is something we have a lot of passion about.  It is about learning to have amazing sex, powerful orgasms, increased sexual pleasure, and to embrace and own your sexual self in a comfortable and positive way. 

    In addition to feeling great, sex and orgasm are vital to physical and emotional health.  Beneficial effects of orgasm include increases in brain activity and blood flow across the entire brain, release of hormones that elevate mood and reduce depression, improved immune response, and reduction of risk of heart attack and heart disease in ways we cannot otherwise achieve.

    Of course, there's  no "owners manual" for your sexual self. So most of us are missing out on simple techniques and practices that make the difference between 'good' and 'great' sex.  And since most of us find detailed discussion about sex -- and certainly masturbation --  embarrassing and uncomfortable or even shameful, many of us never find out what we are missing.  

    We want to change that. In addition to helping people to fosters deeper and more powerful emotional and sexual experiences, we seek to establish a national conversation about these topics, taking them out of the shadows and into a place of openness and honesty.

    Until this project, these techniques could only be learned through workshops or one-on-one training that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Based on decades of research and clinical experience, we are developing a series of video, audio, and workbook products to teach techniques that will dramatically improve your sexual pleasure, whether you are alone or with a partner. 


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  • Testimonials
  • This work has been really profound for me. I never realized how much more fulfilling my sexual experiences could be. I think everyone should get past their fears and experience this work. It's life-changing!


  • I would never have thought I could do something like this. I'm really and not used to talking about this sort of stuff, much less experiencing it. But it has really helped me, and it's also helped me understand my girlfriend better, and has made a huge difference in our relationship.


  • Who would have ever thought that orgasm could be so amazing! I always figured I was already having it as good as it could get. Boy, was I wrong!! This has given me a whole new view of what sex and intimacy can feel like.


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